Sky Ferreira
Writer(s) Sky Ferreira
Matt Squire
Victoria Horn
Producer(s) Matt Squire

"Ditch That Bitch" is a song written by Sky Ferreira, Matt Squire, and Victoria Horn in 2009. A writers demo of the song leaked in 2018 with Victoria Horn as the vocalist. Sky's version remains lost.

"@ladyvmusic @mattsquire I love Ditch That Bitch can't wait to do the real vox"

The track is described as a song whose title, lyrics, and cheeky vocal come off as aggressive on the surface, but mask a vulnerability underneath. “I wanted to capture how people act when they’re hurt,” Ferreira said. “People don’t always show their true feelings, they act angry and tough. That song isn’t necessarily about a guy. Anyone dealing with someone who treats them badly in their life will relate to it.”