Sky Ferreira G Hangout on Air Q&A - Amoeba Takeover54:50

Sky Ferreira G Hangout on Air Q&A - Amoeba Takeover

The fifth release for the album was launched on April 19, 2014. It was first announced on April 16th by Sky Ferreira during a Q&A at Amoeba. She later mentioned it again on her Instagram and Facebook. She posted a picture of a special printing for the record. Polydor commissioned a limited release of the album as a vinyl picture disc for Record Store Day. This edition was set for an 800 copy release. Though many stores that participated in the event ordered 15 copies of the record, due to the limited release, many were only given around 2 copies.

A second version of the picture disc was released on April 28th through Ferreira's MyPlay Direct site. The item was listed "Night Time, My Time Vinyl Picture Disc + Digital Album Bundle" which offered the following at $29.98. During the release of the picture disc, the site also offered a free exclusive button pack with any purchase of any item from the shop.

  • Night Time, My Time physical vinyl picture disc.
  • Night Time, My Time digital album with immediate download.
  • Sky Ferreira button pack

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