Sky Ferreira
Writer(s) Sky Ferreira
Dallas Austin
Producer(s) Dallas Austin

"Older Men" is a song written by Sky Ferreira and Dallas Austin.


Dawned on me when I was just about 15,
Met someone that really swept me off my feet.
He was 23 and that was so obscene, they say.
We connected more than guys I met my age,
I could tell because of the look upon his face.

Even thought he had to turn and sky away, I knew.
Wasn't long before I knew for a fact,
That I was destined to be with guys like that, yeah.
Boys my age are just not where it’s at,
Don’t have time for simple minds, no.

I wanna be with someone who already knows what’s up,
Somebody so mature.
He drives an old Rolls-Royce,
Not hanging out with the boys.
He likes to hold my hand,
My folks would not understand,
Yeah, I think I like older men.
If you forget age then we’re right together,
Wonder if this will last forever.

Yeah, I think I like older men,
I know I like older men.