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Putty Hill is a 2010 independent drama film directed by Matthew Porterfield.


  • Sky Ferreira as Jenny
  • Zoe Vance as Zoe
  • Cody Ray as Cody
  • Dustin Ray as Dustin


The film revolves around a community of friends and family as they cope with the untimely death of a young man named Cory. Throughout the film the characters engage one on one with the camera discussing their relationship to Cory and their reactions to his passing.


Filming took place in and around Baltimore, Maryland. The film is noted for utilizing mainly nonprofessional actors who play themselves in a fictional story. Much of the dialogue was created through conversations Matthew Porterfield had with the actors prior to filming. The director names mainly European directors as influences, such as Pedro Costa and Robert Bresson.


Putty Hill premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. Roger Ebert reviewed the film giving it 4 out of 4 stars. The film was designated a New York Times Critic's Pick as well. The film had its Baltimore premiere within Maryland Film Festival to two sold-out screenings in May, 2010.