Sky Ferreira
Writer(s) Sky Ferreira

"Swamp Girl" is a song written by Sky Ferreira.


Swamp Girl

The song was set to appear on Ferreira's debut album, then titled Wild at Heart, as confirmed through her personal Tumblr. When the direction of the album changed, the song was ultimately left off the final track list in favor for more recently recorded tracks. Ferreira first mentioned the track in January with a picture uploaded with the post. She mentioned it again a month later, this time also revealing the title and placement of both "Swamp Girl" and "24 Hours" on the album.

It’s pretty,evil,sweet,but mostly lonely.

You’re going to freaaaaaaaak on the production.JUST SAYIN

Wild At Heart 2012


—Sky Ferreira, January 29, 2012

NEW ALBUM TRACKS: 24 Hours & Swamp Girl. The song coming out in March is also the most "electro pop" on the record……and it’s f*cking AWESOME.Sorry,not so humble brag. xx

—Sky Ferreira, February 7, 2012


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